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Field visit next month?

They need and want to know now!

The sales reps field visit remains the main moment of interaction between your brand and your client. Unfortunately it is not practical to visit all your clients all the time and with the schedule of your sales rep stretched over existing clients there is precious little time left to even think about new business. In this dynamic, how do you let your client know about updates they need to know right now?

Effectively communicate

during the whole product cycle, not just at the product launch.

The product launch is a natural moment of attention from your clients. How can you stretch the value of a new product innovation? By staying top of mind with interesting updates about and novel applications of your existing products you make sure that you get everything out of your product development efforts.


micro brand moments

Your clients are busy and most likely on their feet most of the day. It is not easy getting their attention unless it’s for a brief moment in between acts. Increase your perceived brand value with the right message for the right client at the right time. By continuously boosting mind share through relevant content, you protect and expand your market share.


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