Reach your professional customers

with the push of a button.

We make account management easier so you can focus on increasing revenue.

How do you keep the back door shut?

Is the role of your account manager changing? With this new role, how do you keep engaging all customers, not just the top grossing professionals? Does your professional customer require more on-demand support and attention than ever before? We can help.

Efficient account management.

Keeping your clients up-to-date and knowledgeable is important to your business success. The immidi messaging functionality keeps the existing relationships warm between the sales visits. Through our smart chat solution we help you create business opportunities continuously and efficiently.

Your customers have shorter attention spans than ever.

They are busy and most likely on their feet most of the day. It is not easy getting their attention unless it’s for a brief moment in between acts. Stay top of mind with the right message for the right customer at the right time.


that we are proud to call our clients.